What We Offer

Marketing: noun, \ˈmär-kə-tiŋ\ The technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service

  • Marketing Strategy - Planning is key! We use strategic evaluation methods to assess your current business practices and help you formulate strategies to reach your goals.
  • Marketing Plan Development - Once you have a strategy, we help you develop a plan for implementation.
  • Market Research - Need a detective? Get to know your customers and competition through market research.
  • Presentation Development - Do you have an important meeting coming up? Move beyond PowerPoint and into the world of Prezi to give your presentation that wow factor.
  • Social Media Management - Let’s get social! Strategic social media management is a must in today’s marketplace.
  • Blogging - If your business doesn’t already have a blog, it should! Blogs build rapport with potential customers and assist with search engine optimization.
  • Branding & Identity - Give your business a “face”. We help with idea generation for logos, tag lines, product names and much more; our graphic design partners help bring it to life.
  • Content Material - Collateral content and design for websites and marketing pieces.
  • Public Relations - Have some big news and want to shout it from a mountain top? We can help you create content and design press releases for distribution.
  • Event Marketing - Planning for an event? Let’s get the word out! 

Our Partners

Surefly Studio: Our arena of expertise is centered on print, web, and multimedia. From logo development to portfolio management and website design to print solution, Surefly Studio is your marketing and design expert. In each project we implement best practices to deliver top results. We are proud to be a partner of Auriga Marketing!

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